Golf is a sport that has been practiced for many years, and it is indisputable that things have changed a lot. Great players have competed in this sport that we like so much, but there is one theme that is always present: who are the best golfers in history? As in any game, it is difficult to point out a player as the best of all, especially when candidates are from different times. But the experts have their favorites, so below we show you some golfers who by many are considered the best.

  • Jack Nicklaus

“The Golden Bear,” as he was called, was born in 1940 in Ohio. Many consider him the best professional golfer in history, as he won 18 wins in the Majors. He was one of the pioneers in exposing Golf to a lot of people. Part of the Hall of Fame in the Golf World since 1974.

  • Tiger Woods

Born in 1975, Eldrick Tont Woods has won a place in the Pantheon of Golf. He started practicing this sport from a very young age and revolutionized it, becoming the best-paid sportsman in the world in 2005. He holds 14 majors, placing himself as the second-largest player.

  • Ben Hoganq

Hogan is an example of strength and surrender. He was born in 1912 and died in 1997. During his professional career, he obtained 9 Majors and impacted in many ways on Golf. In 1949 he suffered a car crash after which doctors believed he would never walk normally again but surprised everyone, and in less than two, years won the US Open.
Do you guys have a favorite player? No, doubt these three impacted Golf in different ways and deserve to be respected by all.

  • Patricia Jane Berg

She was born in February 1918 and was one of the founding members of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA). She began his amateur career in 1934 and won 15 major tournaments. It was in 1949 that she managed to be named a professional, no doubt a pioneer for women.

  • Mildred Ella Didrikson “Babe” Zaharias

He was born in 1911 in Texas and noted for being very skilled in athletics, baseball and basketball, and of course, golf. In 1938, he competed in the Los Angeles Open, a men’s tournament. In addition, for five decades she was the only woman to pass the cut in a men’s golf tournament. Part of the Hall of Fame of World Golf.

  • Annika Sörenstam

She was born in 1970 in Sweden and was number 1 worldwide for almost two decades, since 1990. In 2004, she received the Laureus Award for Best Sportsman and has won a total of 93 tournaments, 10 of them major.

  • Lorena Ochoa Reyes

Although Lorena was not a pioneer in the sport, she is the most important golfer for Mexico. She had a short but successful career with 27 victories on the LPGA Tour. In 2007, she won eight tournaments including the British Open and the ADT Championship. In May 2010 she retired leaving a legacy for the national sport.