Golf, like any sport, is characterized by the presence of some important and prestigious tournaments. Specifically, there are four major tournaments in golf.

The Masters and the U.S. OPEN

Among the most important golf tournaments the Masters is characterized by the fact that it is the only one, among the most important, to be played every season on a path that always remains the same. Another peculiarity is the number of athletes participating in it since, compared to other major tournaments, few athletes participate, sometimes even less than 100. In addition, to its participation are allowed forever those who managed in the enterprise to win at least one edition. Another very important tournament is the U.S. OPEN: its development takes place on always very complex routes and in which the owners are the narrow fairways. The importance of this tournament is if you think that even world-famous players are often forced to play qualifiers in order to participate, and by the fact that there are very few amateur players who, given the chance according to the regulation, decide to try to enter the main draw with the hope of carving out a “place in the sun” in the course of the tournament, and to be known by professionals and enthusiasts.

The British Open and the PGA Championship

Remaining in the Anglo-Saxon world, it is worth mentioning the British Open which, as is easily understood, is played in the United Kingdom. Its importance is given by several factors, first of all to be the oldest tournament in golf. Unlike the U.S. Open, where even world-famous players have to go through the qualifiers, the organizers of the British Open each year guarantee the presence of the most technically gifted players to ensure a show of the highest level. In addition, there are some seats allocated by right to UK players, who play ad hoc qualifiers to be able to access what is the main scoreboard. The last tournament to be mentioned among the most important in golf is the PGA Championship, which usually takes place in the United States in some golf clubs that are selected from year to year by the organizers. The PGA Championship with the years has acquired increasing importance and to date it is considered by any player as one of the most important tournaments ever. Also for this tournament there is a peculiarity to be noted: some places are guaranteed by right to those who are part of the PGA of America, namely the association that collects Golf Masters and club owners.