Badlands Golf Club

9119 Alta Drive
Las Vegas, NV

The Badlands Golf Club is a 27-hole facility on the northwest side of town off of the Summerlin Highway. It is a region of Las Vegas that has sprung up in growth in the last five years.

The Badlands Golf Club of Las Vegas was built in 1995 and was a colaborative effort between an unusual mix of personalities imaginable, Johnny Miller and Chi Chi Rodriguez. The Badlands Golf Club opened in 1995 with eighteen holes and a third nine-hole tract was added in 2001. The stark Las Vegas terrain was definitely a factor in the naming of the first two nines, Desperado and Diablo. The original Badlands Golf Club can only be defined as the ultimate in target golf. The target is there in front of you, all green and inviting, but to miss the mark sends your ball off to the dramatic wasteland of arroyos, crevices, and rock-strewn desert expanses.

This Las Vegas course is demanding but fair. The Badlands’s original nines are 50% fairway and 50% natural terrain and you have to be careful where you hit your shots. The new nine, The Outlaw Nine, is a lot wider and funnels your shots back into the fairway. This is a must for Las Vegas visitors.
Course Designer

Johnny Miller

Score Card Summary

Tee Box Yards Slope Rating
Championship 6843